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Produced thanks to the generosity of Johanna Sedlmayer-Katz, in memory of her husband Leon.

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  Welcome to the Arts & Letters Club's presentation of its collection of drawings by Arthur Lismer.

Arthur Lismer was a member of the Group of Seven and a distinguished art educator. He created these drawings between 1922 and 1946 while spending time with his friends at the Arts & Letters Club.

The catalogue's 194 drawings are the property of the Club Archives. The majority are to be found in the early volumes of the Club Scrapbook series on deposit at the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, University of Toronto.

Ninety-two characters are identifiable in the 194 drawings; the majority are members of the Club and include five members of the Group of Seven, with many other notables from the fields of art, music, theatre, teaching, architecture and photography. A brief biographical note accompanies each character's first appearance.

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Begin browsing the collection using one of these three options:

List of works - a listing by number, one through 194, including title.
Gallery - twenty-two galleries of thumbnail images.
Subject index - a listing of known characters, and in which drawings they appear.

ALCS refers to the location of the image in the Club Scrapbook

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