The Arts and Letters Club
14 Elm Street
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5G 1G7
  The Arts and Letters Club of Toronto was formed in 1908. Located at 14 Elm Street in downtown Toronto, it is a meeting place for professionals in the arts, and for those men and women in whose lives the arts play an absorbing role.

The vital function of the Club is to provide a milieu for the free and vigorous interchange of ideas and opinions, where good conversation and the companionship of kindred spirits are the principal bill of fare. Neither a symbol of social status nor a marketplace for business, The Arts and Letters Club offers its members a retreat from the pressures of everyday life, in a democracy of creative minds.

LAMPS is the Club's long-cherished acronym, denoting the disciplines practiced by its professional members and enjoyed by its non-professional membership:

Literature, Architecture, Music, Painting, and Stage.

The LAMPS concept represents a tradition but not a dogma; it changes its dimensions with the changing times. In the Club's terms, the arts include not only the traditional pursuits that have always been associated with the word but also their contemporary, technological applications: photography, commercial illustration, film, stage and TV design, computer graphics, arts administration, experimental music, acting and production for screen and television, journalism, criticism, and advertising.

For more information, please call; 416-597-0223, send us email or visit our Web site.